Hola homepuppies!

I used to blogg alot, but I lost the spark, inspiration was lost so I stoped. But lately my blogging senses started to tingle, and i felt like picking it up again, so here we are! Before I’ve always blogged in swedish, but I had alot of english speaking friends that would google translate my posts to be able to read them, so i desided to make it easier for them this time. Unfortunatly my spelling skills in english are… ehh…. Not the best, so bear with me! This blog is basically gonna be my sanctuary of whining, and I will be the queen of whining. If you agree and relate to my whining, feel free to read and comment. If you’re just gonna whine about me whining, go fuck yourself! But hopefully i will also be able to entertain you guys a bit as well.

Here are some boring basics about me (feel free to skip this part): My name is Louise ström, I’m a swedish lady, I’m 25 years old and no, I’m not single. I am back in school, 6 years after graduating, to make up for not going to school when i should have. I am extreamly clumsy, confused as fuck. I hate electronic things, working out and close minded people. I love movies, food, snowboarding, unicorns, rainbows and all that crap.

Im still not sure how to maneuver this bloggsite, so it’s probably gonna change appearance a couple of times.


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