Louise + flirting = not found

When I say I hate flirting, I don’t just mean the cheesy pick-up lines. I mean I really fucking hate it! I dont like to be looked at when I walk down the street, I don’t really like getting compliments, and I don’t like getting flirted with, I prefer to be invisible! I think of myself as a fairly okey looking gal, and sure if I spend enough hours infront of the mirror I can look good, and as any persone I like it. But the times I do that these days are getting more rare than polarbears. For the most part I like it, because that means I dont get unwanted attention, and I guess being ugly makes me feel safe. That’s why it makes me a gazillion times more uncomfortable when I’m in my “oh-im-just-gonna-run-to-the-store”-getup, and get flirted with by a stranger on the street, asking me for my number and everything! I mean really? People actually do that? I thought that only happened in movies! If you know me you are probably laughing on the inside, by the thought of how uncomfortable this makes me! I pulled an awkward move and ran away from there as fast as i could. I feel like always wearing a pin saying: “please don’t flirt with the introvert.” I obviously note the compliment in it all, that someone wants to see me again after I looked that gross, it can even bost the old confidence a bit. But for some reason I can just never get used to compliments, they make me all flustered and blushy, and I dont really know what to say or do. It just makes me nervous and uncomfortable. (Depending when and who it is saying it ofcourse)


I’ve been asked before, why I chose to have such an alternativ look if I don’t want attention. And yeah I can’t deny, I have definitely always gone against myself by choosing a more eyecatching style, maby not as much now as I did as a teenager, but even back then i definitly felt uncomfortable being watched. Strangers would actually take sneaky pictures of me, and I lost count of all the sweet old ladies who stoped me to compliment my hair. The attention was allways, as far as I know, positive, but unwanted attention non the less. Maby it seems slightly odd, but the simple truth is that I never choose to have green, orange or pink hair to get attention, I’ve never dressed the way I did to rebell, and I never chose to have piercings becaus I want to be unique. I’ve just allways tried to be myself, and looking like this makes me feel beautiful, and eventually more confident in myself. And even with the uncomfortable attention from time to time, I simply am happier this way.


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