Loving at a distance… or more accurately: the art of constantly missing someone.

You know what? Long distance relationships SUCK!! they suck hairy, sweaty horse balls, I don’t recomend it to anyone! But when the actual relationship is fucking’tastic, then what are you to do, when that other person happens to live in a different country? So here I am, and today i woke up alone, again.

First thing on my mind: Him.

Days since i last saw Him: 22.

Level of missing: Unbareable.

But unfortunatly missing someone isn’t a valid reason to call in sick. And I’ve learned by now that even if it feels like I’m falling apart, I’m actually not, I’m still hanging together cell by cell. So there is nothing else to do but drag my sorry ass out of bed, and continue with my life.

Now that winter is upon us, and people realise that it’s about to get real cold, more and more are getting in to relationships with that flirt they met earlier that summer, so have I. And with it comes the whining “Buuhuu I’ve spent two days without my lovyduvylovemuff, I can’t stand it!” Don’t get me wrong, whining is a human right, thats fine. But REALLY? you are gonna whine about two days!? In the name of Oden, call a help line or something!  And I know, everything is relative, I’m sure it’s really painfull for you to go two days without your Lovyduvylovemuff, bla, bla, bla! But  NO, I do not feel sorry for you. Do you have any idea how lucky you are?! That feeling of longing that you can’t stand right now, after two days, try having that feeling for three weeks (or longer), and not just ones, but all the fucking time! Try and understand that longing, when you slowly forget what your loved one smell like, and what it’s like to always feel like half a persone, but still go to school/work everyday being cheerfull, and resist the urge to go bonkers on everything. Try that for a while, and those two days will feel like… what chicken rolled in bacon tastes like!! And yes, i envy you, that is the reason to this annoyed post. I envy the actual crap outta your lucky ass! Be happy you get to see your loved one every week, every month. Whine about something worth whining about!


3 responses to “Loving at a distance… or more accurately: the art of constantly missing someone.

  1. I hear ya, I feel the exact same way. It sucks seeing couples keeping each other warm in the cold when you’re waiting for the bus, all by yourself. I miss him, every god damned day, but it’s worth it. You’ll cope!

    Great post btw 🙂

  2. Såå fin blogg du har!! 😀

    Kolla gärna in min blogg, smycken & accessoarer! Perfekta julklappstips: decoration.devote.se

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