Brain pain

Today has been a real pain in my brain! First off I didn’t get to school on time. I woke up by my alarm, not knowing who I was or where I was. I then blinked twice and by every blink a whole hour passed, I realised blinking most put me in some kind of timewarp shooting me in to the future, it was the only logical explanation, and now I was late for school too!! So I cracefully crashed out of bed and managed to get my still very confused ass to school. My brain felt like a cotton-like substance, very comfortably mushy and fluffy, wich would be fine if I didn’t have to use it for the most annoying and complicated school work ever!! I can’t even bother getting in to what it was, it was just a pain in my brain! This then continued after school up until now.

It feels like I have knots in my brain, is that a thing? Brain knots? If not, some doctor seriously need to come do some testing on me right about now, get a study about brain knots going! But I got alot done today, so now I can eat a subway, have some hot coco, watch Roswell and feel real good about myself. Good going Louise!

I Think this Picture pretty much sums up my frustration today


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