Complitely useless post about stuff, and things.

Im 25 years old, and I guess this is the time when my uterus should start tingeling by the look of babies, usually… But the babybox is still closed for further notice, and probably will be for quite a while. Parents don’t hold your breath for grandkids, because you will suffecate and die before that happens. I am however getting insane needs of being a mother… to A KITTEN!!

WAAAH! I just want a fluffly little ball of furr, put my face on that kittens belly and smell it till I get furrballs stuck in my lungs! Preferably a crosseyed one because it would make me so happy everytime i saw it. And white, and really fluffy so I could name it Marshmellow-Fluff, and I would love it forever, and ever, and ever!!

On another complitely useless note i FINALLY cleaned my room today! I just can’t be bothered with it cause then it’s messy again the day after, bah, what’s the point? But now I finally had a reason to clean it, because tomorrow Nick is coming here!! HAPPEH, HAPPEH, HAPPEH, HAPPEH!! ^^ So girl mode initiated: shower, shave fest, fix hair, plock eyebrows! And damn am I looking forward to crawling in to bed later, because clean body + clean sheets + shaved legs =



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