It doesn’t get better than this today…

Today is a bad day! And it doesn’t matter how good it could have been, if the sun was shining, if I found money on the street or found out I aced a test in school, it is still bound to be a bad day. Because this is the day, after a great weekend that ended to quickly, that I have to drag myself out of bed, say good bye to Him, endure a long day in school and then come home to the emptyness, and the only thing left is His smell on my pillows, that I will hug and smell like a pathetic little child all night!

So today I will own my patheticness, cuddle up in my covers, eat chocolate and watch movies. This time I only have to wait 17 days Before I get to see him again! We have done it before and we can do it again!

Two pictures taken on our lovely, and LONG walk around Malmö




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