Why I am an atheist

Religion, nope I am not a fan! I guess I am an atheist, and I’ve been told before that I’m just mean, angry and forcing my believes, or more accurately my “non-believes” on people, just because I now and then share my opinion. And that atheism is just another religion, wich is just stupid on a whole other level. To put it simple I’d say it’s just a generic name, or title, for the group of people in this world, that just don’t believe in any God. So let me explain to you, real quick, how atheism works…

We are HUGE fans of this magical thing called human rights. Well atleast most of us, even atheists can be fucking assholes, so I guess I should say: I am a huge fan of human rights. everyone being equals, everyone having the same rights, well-being of children, etc. So even if I personally think religion is the most idiotic thing around, I still support your right to be part of it, because choosing to believe is just as much a human right as not believing, and neither should be forced on anyone.

Now here comes the tricky part of atheism for me, because as much as I support your right to be religious, religion often times takes away those very human rights I love, putting me in quite a pickle moral wise. Everywhere in this world are gay people, women, men and kids stripped of their basic human rights, and not only in third world countries. And it is very often forced upon them by their society, not even giving them the option to choose. It imprisons people while making them belive they are free, and in many cases teaches them very wrong kinds of right and wrong. That it is okey to torture a gay person, rather than letting them love. Murdering a girl, rather than letting her go to school. And molesting children, being protected by their church and holy book to continue do so.

These are just a few, quick reasons to why I am an atheist, and why I have a problem with religion today, and yes it makes me angry to hear about. Because i live in a world, in 2013, where shit like this still is happening. And if it doesn’t upset you, then I’d say you are the wierd one. However if you can peacefully practice your religion, without forcing it on others, and as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else or the Worlds progress, then go right ahead. I think it’s stupid on so many levels, and I am probably gonna use my facebook and blog to express it, but I’m not gonna stop you.


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