It’s a tad windy today

Okey, who’s the asshole that turned off the sun?! Looking out the window, as I was avoiding falling asleep in my last class today, I couldn’t see anything but black, complete darkness. I had been informed on facebook about a storm happening, so before leaving I geared up up with my big scarf covering large parts of my face, and my beanie covering the upperhalf, only leaving my eyes uncovered. And just as I expected, as I opened the heavy door to leave school, I was met by a loud “swooshy” sound as the wind flew by. The poor excuse for christmas ornements in the trees by my bus stop, could barely hang on to the twigs, and not a bike was standing as far as the eyes could see! It’s really too bad that one can’t hop on and ride that wind, because that shit would take me home alot faster than the bus that never seemed to come.

But I finally got home, I did’nt blow away and end up on Oz. Got a bit wet tho, and not in a good way! It’s definitely hot coco weather, so I’m now in my room dipping a cheese sammich in the coco, hearing the wind and rain on my window. Not feeling like studying for my history test at all, I just wanna cuddle up and look at some fun series. We will see how much studying will get done today, starting to really get over the whole studying thing, so I’m re-thinking my choice to study psychology after this year, not because I don’t want to become a psychologist, but because I feel like I couldn’t handle that amount of studying for five years, studying just make me feel like an idiot!

Bah, I’m in a bad mood today! Ive been in some sort of low lately, but to look at the bright side, it’s almost christmas! 😀 Wah looking forward to it so much!

all geared up to face the storm.



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