Finally home!

Of all the fucking days this year that I could lock myself out of the apartment, I choose the weekend when both my roomates were far away, my sister was at home with our parents, and neither would be home untill sunday. So there I was, wearing my hoodie and flipflops, a snowstorm blowing outside, and all I was gonna do is run downstairs to buy some food for a nice saturday dinner for myself!! I really wanted to stay at home this night, so I thought about calling some company that can break in to the apartment, it’s expensive as fuck tho, so i called my friend to ask if i could crash there. Ofcourse they were not home either, but thankfully(!!) our friend has the key to their apartment, so she could let me in and i could stay there, phew!!

I called a cab, because I did not feel like taking the bus in my hoodie and flipflops in the snowstorm, I made sure to tell the cab driver that I locked myself out, so he wouldnt think I was kicked out after a fight with a boyfriend or something haha. I was saved! But on the way up the stairs, excited as I was to have a warm place to stay, I tripped with my flipflops and hit my leg really hard. I then borrowed shoes and a jacket that both were to big and ran out in the storm to buy a charger for my phone before the stores closed, saturday and all they tend to close alittle earlier. I can not live without my phone!! Got one thankfully, so I felt like most of my problems were solved, bought candy and a pizza and headed back. Some higher power most have had it in for me that day tho, so ofcourse the bag with my drink and candy broke on the way back, really!? Yeah thank’s… I think I cried about 6 times within a few hours!

But I made it back and was joined by my friend Kalle and the rest of the night were good, the whole ordeal made me really exhausted tho! Today my roomie came back and now I am finally home again!! it’s 9 in the evening, I shoved a subway in my face, quickly made dinner for school tomorrow, and now I have to make the Swedish asignment for school that has to be in tomorrow, that I was planning on finnishing yesterday, I also need to brush my teeth for like a week and shower my ass off, fun!! Oh I also dropped my phone in a pool of water earlier, fuck my life much!?

Major thanks to Pernilla, Nisse, Ina and Kalle for saving my ass yesterday! you’re the best!


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