Bitterness galore!!

Oh hai! I kinda forgot I have this blog haha, oh well it comes in handy now that I have complaining to do, after all that’s why I started this blog in the first place, to be the queen of whining.

So here we are, 2014, happy new year everyone! All my friends are excited, and getting motivated, and starting new with the new year etc etc. But not me, I already hate this year and I am not the least excited. Because in march I’m not gonna have a place to stay anymore, even tho I was told when I moved in that I could stay here for basically as long as I wanted. For you that don’t know, I rent a room. And if I knew I was gonna be kicked out not even a year in to the situation, I would probably have tried to find a more permanent stay instead, and it sucks because I really like living here. And ofcourse only three months after I get kicked out on my ass, I have to get back out on the job market, because in June I finnish school, and the thought of going back on unemployment pretty much makes me want to jump out my window, a drop from 12 levels are for sure gonna kill me right? I have no fucking idea what I’m gonna do! I have given up on finding a job, since i’ve been trying since 2007, it’s fucking impossible. I would still like to study psychology, but the chances of getting in are basically non-excistant from what I hear. And even if I will get some money when unemployed, I still wont look super hot on the market as a room-mate when all I can say is: “Hi! im gonna be unemployed soon, and I have nothing to do what so ever.” I guess some would think I still have the option of moving back home, but I would rather choke on my own vomit than move back to that hellhole! So I am back to exactly where i was at the end of 2012, before I first moved here. No Place to live, no job and no idea what to do. All I fucking want is peace and quiet, a steady place to live so I can sort out the rest of my life, but I guess I’ll be joining the hobos soon! No home, no job, no future… Yep that sounds like me alright!

The only safe and steady thing I have to be happy about is my awesome boyfriend, thank Odin for him! But still, it’s that one small detail that bothers me, him not even living in the same fricking country! AND OH I’m not gonna get to see him for six weeks now!! 

This the first 6 months of this year that I have to look forward to! HAPPY JOY!!

Dear life…
I don’t expect you to be easy, I would just really like for you to not be fucking impossible for once!
sincearly, go fuck yourself!


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