Swedes in sunny weather

Isn’t it great to wake up in the morning and be totally rested? Yeah, to bad it NEVER happens!! Mr. Morning and I are definitely not friends, and I don’t know what I did to make him hate me so much. As usual I barely woke up by my six alarms. And tired, swollen eyes refused to un-swell no matter how much cold water I rinsed them with.

But despite this unpleasant morning ritual it turned out to be a good day. The sun was blasting all day, wich makes all us swedes find our way out of the caves we share with polarbears. Knowing that the weather can change within minutes,  we quickly dust off the old bbq (unless it rusted during winter ofcourse) and hurry out in the sun, to enjoy the warm weather. Wearing as little as possible, to suck up as much vitamine D as possible!

I desided that going home and spend yet another day looking at movies and series in my room, would be a waste of perfectly good Swedish weather. After all, who knows when it’s gonna be this warm again, maby never!! So after school I sat down in one of our parks and read a book for hours. Even if I know very well how risky it is for my pale skin to sit in the sun for so long without protection. I burned ofcourse… But hey, yolo man! Also, I almost fell asleep on my book, and I had that lovely feeling of stickyness all over my body, that you rarely get to enjoy here, even less get to enjoy showering off. A while later I was joined by two lovely friends and we spent another few hours there in the park.

Now I’m exhausted and can’t wait to nussle down in bed, not so much to wake up in the morning tho…




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