Homework and longdistance relationships

It’s funny how everything is more interesting to do when you have to do homework! I cook, I clean, I do paperwork, I organize. All things I hate, is all of a sudden super interesting when homework needs to be done. Even worse now when this crazy heath wave is upon us! I need to purchase me some self discipline, anyone knows where I can get some?

I think I’m in a need of a summer break. Crazy longing for Juli when I’m going to my dear boyfriend in Holland for a whole 7 weeks!! This will be our record of being at the same place at the same time together (since I live in Sweden.) Our record right now is the three weeks we spent together over christmas. We will also celebrate our first anniversary on the Wacken Open Air festival in Germay, wich is where we met last year. 

Feeling all pink and fluffy inside over this dude! And not to brag but we’re fucking awesome, and we kick ass! Just sayin’

In Gothenburg over christmas



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