Getting too old!

I feel like ever since i turned 24 I’ve been  getting to old for stuff. Not in the way that I think I’m better or more mature or anything, but just too fricking old!
If I try to party like i used to, I end up broken for half of what i used to.

I’ve been in Holland since wednesday visiting my boyfriend. There has been some partying but not more than usual, and yesterday we were at a festival called Forta Rock. And I guess that’s just to much for my body to handle these days. Because I spent 9 hours last night getting crampy, puking attacks but not having anything to puke up. This has happend like 4 times before, and all within the past 2-3 years.
Basically my entire body cramps up, and it tries to throw up, but as mentioned, there is nothing in me to come up. I can’t breath, might get a small sip of air before it happens again. I honestly thought I was gonna pass out a few time because I didn’t get any air! But still my body feels the need to get these violent, and very painfull attacks ones every 30 minutes or so, for about 9 hours straight. (Ones it happened every 10 minutes for 9 hours)

I hear it can happen because of dehydration, but I don’t know! I just know it sucks. I finally passed out of exhaustion. Today I’m aching everywhere because of my muscles cramping up all night, and I feel like I’m 100 years old. Too worn out to get up in time for my flight home, so my boyfriend insisted I’d stay till the next best flight, wich is wednesday.









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