Tripping the road

Today me and my party of adventurers, packed our bags and began our epic journey to the deep forrest of sweden…

Basically we threw some bags in the car and took a roadtrip to Småland, about 3 hours up in the country where my parents live.


Tomorrow I am gonna be a braidsmaid at a friends wedding. Both excited and nervous over this honourable task, have not attended alot of weddings, and never been a braidsmaid, so it’s gonna be a fun experiense!

So guess I should try out this magical thing called “beauty sleep”. I heard of it many times, but can’t seem to get the hang of it! I sleep, and sleep, and sleep, and sleep but I never get more beautiful! But worst case scenario, there is always make-up!

Now I’m just rambling, excuse any phone typing spelling mistakes! And good night world!


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