Oh hai!!

Long time no see blog world! I guess you could say I took a summer vacation, literally…. In Holland, zeee neeetherlaaaaands! And I did have a fanfuckingtastic summer! But on monday reality begins and i go back to school.

I have 3 new videos to put up but it seems wordpress changed something because I can’t upload the same type… ehm… video… thingy! (I hate computers) I’ll figure that out later, but they are on my facebook and youtube channel for your enjoyment!


How to love yourself

I shine like the sun in this video, literally! So you may need to get a pair of sunglasses for this one! However, in today’s society more and more people suffer from low self esteem, therefor I took it upon myself to make a video concerning this issue.

If you like so many others have a problem with low self esteem, take a look at this video for tips on how to love yourself!

If you can’t sleep, why not draw?

Money issues kept me awake last night. So I thought “why waste hours worrying in bed, when I can atleast get something out of being awake worrying.” So I started drawing for a few hours, before I got so tired I passed out around 4!


It’s only the start of a fairly big drawing. A few anxious nights more and it’ll be done!

And they lived happily ever after

So yesterday my friend got married and my sister and I were bridesmaids!

(Seriously, do I say: we were bridesmaids. Or we was bridesmaids!?)

Anywho, it was such a beautiful wedding, and the bride was out of this world gorgeous! She still is btw, she’s sitting next to me right now. Fell asleep with her makeup and hairdoe and she still looks good (bitch!)

Major awww moment!


Me and my sister with the bride and groom


Sandra and I with our Men In Black


Sandra giving her speech


Swedish wedding tradition, when the groom goes to the bathroom, all the men stand in line to kiss the bride.


At 3 a’clock I could finally scratch my eyes again (it appears I got allergic to pollen at 25!!)




The wierdest shit that happens in this house!! I was fixing my hair when i heard a loud bang from the hallway. So I went to check it out and there layed the front door on the street…

I have no idea how the thing fell out on its own,  but it dented my car on the way!

Bitch door!